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Due to increased demand, our recent expansion now covers a wider area in the Lothian region.  We offer to bring the highest level of clinical excellence to the world of golf throughout Scotland.


Golf Injury Clinic is focused on treating golf related injuries as well as preventing them. This focus sets Laura apart from other chiropractic doctors as she provides the golfer with golf-specific treatment and advice. Treating golfers without taking this into consideration can lead to repeat injury and ongoing dependence of care.

For years, back pain has been accepted by golfers as some kind of normality.  This now appears to be changing, as golfers are beginning to realise the benefits of having regular chiropractic treatment in order to benefit their game.

Golf Injury Clinic is one of the forerunners in its profession in Scotland. We are rapidly becoming a major factor in improving the condition of the golfer in Scotland. Regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur, each golfer receives our professional approach to their individual needs and care in the management of biomechanical and neuromusculoskeletal problems related to golf.

Golf Injury Clinic is focused on treating all major golf injuries and is committed to providing preventative treatment, in order to lower the chance of a golfing injury.
Back pain is the most common complaint among golfers. However, back pain is not the only pain golfers can suffer. Listed below are areas of the body where there are common complaints among golfers of all ages & experience:

Regular chiropractic treatment could be the answer many golfers are searching for while trying to rid themselves of pain. These treatments not only accomplish the goal of injury treatment and prevention, but they can also greatly improve a player’s game and score.

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