About Golf Injury Clinic


Delivering Clinical Excellence Throughout Scotland

A visit to the Golf Injury Clinic is your first step to improving your game. Whether you are injured at the moment or looking to prevent injuries, this is the clinic for you.

  • Is your body hindering you from playing good golf?
  • Are you constantly suffering from aches & pains?
  • No matter how many golf lessons you have, your game is not improving?

If this sounds like you, we can help you enjoy your game again.

Here at Golf Injury Clinic, we aim to utilise our golf-specific knowledge in identifying your postural instabilities, their treatment and corrections thereafter.

Golf Injury Clinic can help…

We are golf-specific trained in order to give you proactive treatment, strategies and advice that can help you build the best foundation for releasing your full potential on the golf course, while offering you the opportunity to take responsibility to play your best golf yet, free from injury.

Golf injuries are generally repetitive strains and sprains of the muscle, tendon and ligaments secondary to:


Whether you are already injured and looking to get back out on the course, or interested in learning more about injury prevention, contact us on 07469 205041 to arrange a consultation today or email [email protected]