The Mature Golfer

Golf is a unique sport in that it is often more appealing to us as we age unlike football, rugby or hockey. The number one challenge for the mature golfer is maintaining pain free mobility and stability in order to perform the golf swing.  We can do nothing to delay the physical limitations that come with age often making it impossible to take a swing like we used to.

Regardless, it is essential you learn to address these physical limitations or suffer the consequences.  All too often here at Golf Injury Clinic we see these ‘consequences.’
The ‘mature’ golfer is not only likely to be injured while playing golf, they are also more than likely to have incidental injuries, aches and pains from various ailments that may not be caused by golf directly, but never the less will compromise golf performance.

We all carry the effects of years of abuse on our bodies that is usually referred to as ‘wear and tear’.  The good news is that golf in general is well suited for the mature golfer for many reasons, although play should always be approached with caution due to the higher injury rate and slower rate of healing so often seen in the more mature golfer.

Aging does have an effect on almost all of the body’s major systems. The Golf Injury Clinic considers changes in the following and will look to address, if possible, any restrictions which may be limiting your performance:

It’s not all doom and gloom.  It is well recognised that regular exercise can help delay the aging process on our bodies.  The fact that you are reading this indicates that despite being more mature, you are more than likely physically active and interested in staying that way.

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