A Good Game = 3 good mechanics

  1. Mechanics of club
  2. Mechanics of ball
  3. Mechanics of golfer

Most amateur golfers take care of No 1 & 2 but forget about the most crucial element of a good game, No 3: Mechanics of the Human Body.

6 key areas for a golfer:

  1. Maximum separation of body parts
  2. Energy Transfer of body parts
  3. Synchronisation co-ordination of body parts
  4. Centre of Gravity COG (neutral body position) management
  5. Maximum range of motion (flexibility)
  6. Explosiveness (electric coil)
  • It is all a question of controlling the rotation and maintaining COG stability.
  • It is all a question of closing that muscular chain engagement.

Factors to enhance and maintain key areas of performance:

Explosiveness & Accuracy

  • Core Stabilisation
  • Separation¬† (dissociation)
  • Foot Grounding (weight transfer)
  • Kinetic Energy

Biomechanical Factors

 Golf Injury Clinic is all about body biomechanics of the golf swing.

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