Amateur Golfers

Almost 75% of amateur golfers suffer from low back or elbow injuries – Are you one of them?

Unlike the majority of sports, golf can be played by people of all ages, body types and can be played throughout one’s lifetime.

It is due to this that many golf injuries are related to:

  • Poor conditioning
  • Differing swing mechanics
  • An older age average of the amateur golfer as compared to the professional golfer.
  • Training errors or too much play or practice all contribute to the repetitive micro trauma (wear and tear) that leads to overuse injuries.


Golf-specific screening and conditioning is now regarded as an important part of the game at elite, professional and amateur levels.

The majority of tour players now regularly see Chiropractors in order to maintain optimum performance and reduce their chance of injury.  The golf swing needs your body to be in just as much optimum condition for performance as that of the professional in order to reduce the risk of injury. Therefore it is just as important for the amateur player to recognise their golf posture, flexibility and strength.

Too often the amateur golfer will focus on equipment and lessons but forget the other key essential aspect of playing good golf – the condition of their body.  If you have reduced flexibility and restriction in your back you will never achieve the necessary spinal rotation needed to gain that great club head speed we all desire, no matter how many lessons you have or cutting edge equipment you own.

A golf specific biomechanical screen (assessment of your body) is the first step you should take to determine:

Golf Injury Clinic encourages you to work closely with your teacher, as a tailored golf conditioning programme will focus on any technical faults you may have in your swing.  We therefore work closely with many PGA professionals at golf clubs in the local area.

How Can Recreational Golfers Benefit?

The average hacker has the same flexibility problems as the professionals, only worse in most cases. Flexibility issues can occur in the neck, shoulder, mid-back, hips, hamstrings and/or the calves.  If you feel your flexibility or balance is holding back your game, getting assessed at Golf Injury Clinic is your starting point.  We can arrange treatment specific to your faults and then a tailored exercise programme to maximise your performance, just like the professionals.

It’s never too early and it’s never too late.
More and more golfers are discovering the benefits at Golf Injury Clinic.
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