Babies & Children

Does Your Baby Behave In Any Of The Following Ways?

  • Cry a lot, especially early evening and does not stop for several hours?
  • Is the crying a high pitch type of cry?
  • Does your baby bring its legs up as if in discomfort or arch its back?
  • Is your baby having problems latching on to feed?
  • Is your baby unable to relax?

You are not alone.  These are common symptoms we see at MERN Chiropractic.

Why Choose MERN Chiropractic For Your Baby Or Young Child?

Laura Nuttall is a dedicated Paediatric Chiropractor at the clinic. She loves working with babies and children, especially as they tend to respond to treatment so fast and favourably, giving them the best start in life.

In addition to being here in Uphall, Laura also continues to work in Edinburgh, where she moved after working for several years at a clinic in Aberdeenshire which is at the forefront of chiropractic paediatric research in the UK. Whilst working there , she gained invaluable experience and knowledge in this ever growing area.

Laura regularly attends post graduate paediatric courses which has allowed her to develop a very strong understanding and a high clinical standard in the treatment of babies and infants.

Why Might Your Child Need Chiropractic Care?

It often amazes people when they hear about babies and children receiving Chiropractic care.  Many peoples’ first train of thought is that they may presume that babies and children would have no structural stresses and strains in their bodies because they are so young.
However, childbirth can be a traumatic time for the baby, just as much as it may be for the mother, if not more.  A traumatic or even exceptionally fast birth may lead to excess stresses being brought on a baby’s cranium, spine and sacrum which can then lead to various complaints.

A baby’s head has a great ability to absorb these stresses and the soft bones overlap, bend and distort as the baby descends down the birth canal. This can sometimes results in a baby being born with an odd shaped head which generally over time will gradually improve as the baby naturally cries, suckles and yawns.

However, in some cases neural tension or strains in the head and body can remain. This is primarily recognised if the birth was difficult or if a caesarean section has been necessary (whether elective or emergency). It has been found that this may lead to a variety of problems such as:

  • Excessive crying.
  • Irritability.
  • Inability to relax.
  • Feeding difficulties.

Unfortunately, because of this neural tension, no matter how much comforting you give your baby, it may need a little more help. This is where Chiropractic care can come in to play through its use of very gentle hands on work.  Chiropractic can help reduce these stresses and strains and assist the normal development of your baby or child.

We are often asked when is a good time to bring my baby in for an assessment.
The answer is the sooner the better.
The younger the baby is, the more quickly the improvements tend to happen.

Please note that we are looking to help your baby’s natural ability to release these stresses rather than diagnosing medical conditions. Therefore it should be considered in addition to and not a replacement for your normal Health Visitor or Midwife check.

What To Expect When You First See Laura

You will be required to complete an initial assessment form which helps us gather some essential information about your child and the type of birth they had. You will then be taken into the treatment room where Laura will ask a few more detailed questions to gain as much information as necessary to help you and your baby.

Laura will spend a few moments with your baby until your baby feels comfortable prior to carrying out the necessary examination to identify any issues. If she needs to ask any further questions this will generally be done after the exam.  Laura finds that the baby responds better when total touch and attention is focused on them.

We do our best to make your baby feel at ease during the examination and treatment. We have a special baby pillow that supports and moulds around your baby during this process.

How Is A Baby’s Treatment Different To An Adult?

If you have ever received any chiropractic care yourself then you may be wondering, more so than others, how we treat babies and small children.
The methods used to treat a baby or small child are very different from those of an adult. Laura has great experience in using gentle, safe and effective techniques appropriate for every stage of their development. These may include gentle spinal, cranial and visceral paediatric techniques and Laura will explain the treatment process to you and talk you through your child’s treatment plan.

We receive great feedback from parents who relax in the knowledge that their child is in good hands. Be prepared for your child needing more than one treatment. Usually a baby’s issue, unless a more serious case, can be treated within 4-5 sessions.

“Laura’s manner with children is excellent, putting them at ease and making their treatment enjoyable. Thank you for high quality care, with great results!” – Alison H.


“Both my children have greatly benefited from Laura’s friendly and professional care” – M. Fagan


“I am in no doubt that the change of my child’s temperament was down to the work Laura did with him and would readily recommend to any other parents who just don’t seem to be able to get to the crux of an issue with a new baby” – Nathalie L.


Growing Infants And Children May Need Help Too…

As your baby grows, they will begin doing all kinds of movements trying to establish how their body is supposed to move.  This ranges from attempting to hold their head up, rolling over and eventually sitting upright, all before they enter the world of crawling and walking.

These are all essential milestones your child passes as their body grows.  However all these attempts to reach these milestones are susceptible to a few bumps and bruises.  If even minor injuries happen, their spinal alignment can be negatively affected.  It is at these times when it is great to come and get your baby screened to rule out any issues that could hinder full range of motion.

Here Are Just Some Of The Many Benefits And Advantages We Have For You At MERN Chiropractic

Our Treatment Promise

We guarantee if your baby is not suitable for chiropractic treatment you will not be charged and we will look to refer them to another specialist that may be able to offer you more appropriate treatment.

Start to Enjoy Peace of Mind and Help give your Baby the Best Start in Life

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