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You don’t have to be a professional golfer to receive professional care and advice. We do not teach golf, but we can and do work with golfing instructors to improve your functional performance.

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What is Chiropractic and Golf Biomechanics? Chiropractic care helps restore the nervous system & function to joints that are fixated & not moving correctly. Muscles, joints & ligaments depend upon correct joint movement for peak performance.

Golf biomechanics applies the principles and technique of mechanics to the structure and function of the golfer in an effort to improve golf technique and performance.

Laura Nuttall, Doctor of Chiropractic :lauraphoto

Having grown up in the St Andrews area ‘The Home of Golf’, Laura has been surrounded by the golfing culture all of her life. Whilst working in Aberdeenshire as a Chiropractor, she became aware of the number of patients seeking treatment due to golf related injuries. It was at this time she decided to delve more into learning the biomechanics of the golfer. Since then her studies into this has taken her to several places around the world where she has continued to advance her knowledge to become a professional in her field. Together with this accreditation :

Although Laura is first and foremost a Chiropractor, she uses a combination of all the above accreditation’s to meet the specific requirements of each individual patient.

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